Being home

Home for me isn't the flat I live with my family=of-origin. Home for me is my partner's house in Norway. I am so glad that I braved my first ever "flying alone" flights to visit B despite immense anxiety and parental pressure preying on that anxiety. This is my 3rd year flying alone to Norway.... Continue Reading →

Impure: Female Sexuality in Purity Culture

Yes, this. A great read on the lack of consent, sexual violence and rape culture in Evangelical purity culture.

Elizabeth Ross Writes

(This post is not explicit but does discuss elements of abuse and the normalization of sexual violence in the church. It may make some uncomfortable, especially those with histories of trauma. If you feel this applies to you, there’s no pressure to read it.)

Father-daughter purity balls, abstinence-only campaigns, Christian dating literature and Bible devotionals have implications not only on how a young girl is to interpret her role in her evangelical community but also significantly impacts her understanding of her own sexuality.

Power and control are the foundational elements of an abusive relationship. Purity culture uses these concepts, as well as fear, to (directly or indirectly) maintain male power over women. In terms of sexuality, the combination of these elements results in young girls and women being silenced and shamed for natural sexual desires.

photo: Tamara Bellis

Consent, or lack thereof.

Women have very little, if any, bodily autonomy…

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Embracing wavy hair

As an East Asian, assigned female at birth human, a common stereotype is that we all have black, thin, soft, silky smooth, pin-straight, sleek hair. I didn't have that: My hair is a very dark brown, thick, coarse, wavy, and very prone to frizz in humid weather. I, like other curly haired kids, had caregivers... Continue Reading →

“Inheritance” by John Agard

Inheritance If we, the children of the meek,should inherit an earthwhose rainforest lungsbreathe a tale of waste –an earth where the ailing seashudders in its own slickIf we, the children of the meek,should inherit an earthwhere the grass goes nostalgicat the mere mention of greenand the sky looks out of its depthwhen reminded of blueIf... Continue Reading →

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